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Who We Are?

Welcome at snowbird Himalaya Adventures the right place to find your travel needs as you plan on travelling to India. Here at snowbird our team will help you get everything in place so that your travel will be a memorable one. Snowbird Himalaya Adventure is a Tour and Travel business located in Ladakh, Northern India. We specialize in Trekking, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Fly Fishing, School Outdoor Programs, Mountain Biking and other outdoor Activities. After working and much experience alongside with international outdoor company (international mountain Leadership Institute) and water walkers snowbird Himalaya Adventure was started to promote an eco-friendly Tourism. The company is registered under the government of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism. Here at snowbird Himalaya all our staffs are taught to respect our clients and behave in a good manner we believe that our clients are our main priority.

Apart from all activities we do here at snowbird Himalaya Adventures. We even focus on far flung villages of Ladakh in providing community first aid responder courses to villagers where much is needed. Some of the villages in Ladakh are very remote very hard to get to there are no proper roads very high passes and some villages have no medical attention. For instance if a person in the villages goes through some injury like broken bone let’s say, to get that person from the village to a community health center it can take days and the something to worry is that if there are no community first aid responder then people can do more harm to that person when trying to help because they have no training about how to handle that situation the person can end up with more severe situation.

In the past snowbird Himalaya alongside with international mountain leadership institute and lady Willingdon Hospital have been able to train more than hundred community first aid responder in the western and eastern region of Ladakh and yes even with local tour guides in Ladakh and from Nepal too. so, as you travel with snowbird 10 percent of profit snowbird Himalaya makes goes out to buy basic medical supplies to hand out during the course taught and the travel needs to get to these far flung villages. The basic supplies would be a one small scissor, few band aids, white piece of cloth to make two triangle band aid, Neosporin cream, Dettol soap, small medical kit bag and a betadine small bottle. The community first aid responder course is a 12 hours course taught in two days with little theory and much practical. Your travel with snowbird will help in raising more community first aid responders’ leaders that can help their neighbour’s in times (disaster) much needed. Together we can make the change in fact together we are stronger.