Trekking in Ladakh & Zanskar

Ladakh the land of high passes, snow clad mountains, azure blue lakes are among the world’s highest inhabited plateaus. Trekking in Ladakh offers a vast diversity with its unique landscape and exquisite culture, from the green oasis of the hidden Valleys and Plateaus with abundance of wildlife, nomads, wetlands, pastureland, fresh water springs, streams, and the famous lakes such as Tsomoriri, Tsokar & the Pangong. Culturally you will come across the remote villages and ancient monasteries of Ladakh and Zanskar, which are ideal ground for pilgrimage journeys, and these are the age-old pillars of Tibetan Buddhism.

Hemis to Tsomoriri14DLevel 5199km5200m/17060.37ft
Jhunglam, Hemis to Padum11DLevel 4144m4782m/15688ft
Lamayuru to Alchi via stakspi la5DLevel 474km3962m/12998ft
Lamayuru to Alchi via tar la5DLevel 458km4244m/13932ft
Lamayuru to Chilling5DLevel 464km3131m/10272ft
Lamayuru to Hemis11DLevel 4155km5632m/18805ft
Markha valley from Zingchen8DLevel 378km5150m/16896ft
Across kharnak 9DLevel 457km55435m
Markha valley from Chilling6DLevel 3113km4264m/13989ft
Markha valley & Stok Kangri12DLevel 5118Km5753m/18874ft
Nubra, Phyang to Hunder6DLevel 361km5420m/17782ft
Nubra/Saboo to Khalsar6DLevel 356Km5405m/17,732ft
Rangdum to Lamayuru via Kanji La7DLevel 395km4650m/15255ft
Rumtse to kibbber via Tsomoriri14DLevel 5201km4764m/15629ft
Rumtse to Tsomoriri7DLevel 597km5000m/16404ft
Sham valley3DLevel 134km3900m/12,715ft
Spituk to Matho5DLevel 254km4860m/15944ft
Spituk to Stok3DLevel 240km4800m/15750ft
Tsomoriri to Kibber7DLevel 3101km5578m/18300ft
Zanskar, Lamayuru to Darcha10DLevel 5293km5062m/16607ft

Winter Treks

Frozen River Trek (Chadar) 9DLevel355km3399m/11,400ft
Snow-Leopard Trek8DLevel 222km4090/ 4580 ft