Sham Valley Trek

Also known as the sham valley trek, this short low altitude trek through historical village is an easy introduction to trekking in Ladakh. A tent is not essential on this trek nor supplies. It’s a short trek of three days but taking time will allow you to make Side trips and have time to explore each village properly. The best time for the trek is May, June September and October. The route can be walked in either directions.

  • Duration:
  • Elevation: (3750m/12,300ft):
  • Take the jeep track west out of Likir.
  • Routes are Likir(2500m/11,480ft) Sumdo 9 3470m/11,390ft) charatse la(3650m/11,980ft)..
  • Begin the ascent of a dry, barren valley, through desolate surroundings. There is wonderful view from the village overlooking the Zanskar Range..
  • Follow the trail parallel to the jeep track..
  • The routes are Yangthang, Sarmanchan La (3750m/12,300ft) Hemis- shukpachan (3600m/11,810ft)..
  • There are views down to the beautiful village of Hemis-shukpachan from the pass.
  • Cross the pasture in North-west direction side of the fields. The trail rises gently over arid ground until you reach the small pass (3710m/12,700ft).
  • Routes are Hemishukpachan, Lago/Meptek la (3750m/12,300ft).
  • The village of Temisgam is the largest and most prosperous village on the trek.
  • Temisgam to Leh by Taxi.
  • Trek Extension, the trek can be extended for one more day by continuing to Khaltse from Temisgam. (4-5 hrs).
  • Alternative Route vi Rizong.